The Story of the Harry Bennett Lodge

Why does someone build a concrete cabin with a mote, hidden concrete bunker, and a machine gun nest?

   Below is a list of stories associated with Harry Bennett lodge.  It is a work in process - if you have another story or can fill in some information please email me at

The Bottomless Pit

On the back side of the lodge in the mote is an open water area.  The staff at the Boy Scout camp would fish here often and noticed they could not see to the bottom.  Wondering how deep it was they attached a rope to a cinder block and lowered it down.  But they ran out of rope before finding the bottom.

The staff then went and found the longest rope the could - 500 feet.  Using this rope they lowered the block back into the abyss and still did not hit bottom!

Rumor has it that this was a place where Harry Bennett and his goons would dispose of bodies.  Tying a large weight to bodies and tossing them in to never be seen again.

The Lady of the Lake

The camp staff and scouts report seeing a Ghost the have name The Lady of the Lake.  She is described as beautiful white wispy ghost that glides across the lake near the lodge.  She has also been seen on the mote.  She appears to be friendly.

It is believed that she is one of the innocent victims of Harry Bennett.  She was a local girl who worked at the lodge and unfortunately saw something she should not have.  To make sure there was no witnesses she was killed and her body was put into the lake.  She still lives in the lake but comes out at times.

The Red Room

In the basement there is a small room off to the side.  This room has a door with a sturdy dead bolt lock on it.  Curiously, the floor of this room and only this room is painted dark red.

Many believe that this is where those people that were enemies of Ford Motor and Harry Bennett spent their last living moments.  There is an old wooden chair in the room that victims were tied to.  Harry and his goons would shoot them in head while tied to the chair.  The floor was painted red to make it easier to clean up the mess and not leave behind any noticeable blood stains.   The floor and chair both appear to heavy staining.

Many People went Missing at Lost Lake

Harry Bennett and his goons would dispose of some of their victims in the lake.  Many Boy Scouts have noticed that the water is very clear yet rose colored.   It is believed the water is colored light red from all the people who died and bled out in the lake.

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